About Minim Music & New Media

Minim Music & New Media is the trading name of Caitlin Rowley, an Australian composer, musicologist, editor, music copyist and website designer based in London.

Minim provides services in all these areas - from commissioned compositions and articles, to typesetting scores and designing and developing websites using current best practices.

For more information about Caitlin Rowley and her work, please read her biography or curriculum vitae, or browse her blog.

Contact Minim

Email Minim.

Ph (mobile): +44-(0)7871 573 038

Website: http://www.minim-media.com/

Australian Business Number: 72 907 016 138

About this site

This site developed in June 2007, using Dreamweaver, TextEdit, Photoshop, ImageReady, and Illustrator. It complies with the W3C's XHTML and CSS standards and aims to be Level 1 accessible. If you have any issues with the accessibility or usability of this site, please email webmaster [at] minim-media.com with your concerns.

Fonts used are Arial/Helvetica/default sans-serif for the body copy, with image headings set in eyesaw fonts' RedFive. Astigmatic One Eye's CropBats provided the crop-circle logo image.

All text and images, including photographs, in this site are copyright of Caitlin Rowley, unless otherwise specified.

About the current photos

All photographs used on this site have been taken by Caitlin Rowley and are watermarked with Minim's logo, a crop-circle. These are the current selection:

Photo: Clock

Photo: Boats seen from above, Crete

Photo: S-bahn stop, Vienna

Photo: Greenwich foot tunnel, London

More of Caitlin's photography can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/minim/

Why a crop circle?

Um... why not??! When searching for a bold, graphic logo for Minim, Caitlin stumbled across Astigmatic One Eye font foundry online and began perusing its offerings, which included the free font CropBats, a set of wingdings based on crop circle designs. Minim is called Minim for a set of rather circular reasons - not just the name of the note, but the consonants matched up nicely with "Music and New Media" (MiNiM)and one of Caitlin Rowley's primary musical influences is minimalism too which of course is based mostly on repetition, so it all fitted together - and likewise with the crop circle - an elegant yet strong image, simple but also repetitive, and also a little mysterious and ambiguous.

Cropbat logo


Contact Minim Contact Minim Music & New Media: Email minim [at] minim-media.com, or call +44-7871 573 038.
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