The Four-Egg Omelette

Egg the First

One day while browsing around the music library at Sydney University, I spotted a score of somebody's "complete oeuvre" which I at first misread as being their "complete oeufs". The idea of issuing a set of "complete eggs" appealed to me (still does :-) and so when I started to write a set of short piano pieces shortly afterwards, they became the beginning of a series of 'piano eggs'.

The Four-Egg Omelette comprises the first four of these 'eggs' and was written in 2004. The style is somewhat quirky and free-ranging, but quite dramatic in Egg the First and Egg the Fourth. Egg the Third is a waltz ("Sunny-side up") and Egg the Second is a short Interlude.

This recording is a MIDI realisation of Egg the First (hence its somewhat heavy-handed approach with the accents). The key feature of this piece is setting a five-note ostinato in the left hand against a melodic right-hand part which ranges across a number of metres.


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