Book progress

Rather excited today – for the first time I feel the book is making real progress. It’s now up to 10,000 words and with the work I did the other day on the mindmap for it, it feels like it has real structure as a book. The hardest thing, I think, will be condensing the information so that I’m not constantly repeating myself – just about everything that’s done right when you build a website comes back to search engine optimisation, and the temptation to keep on rehashing the same stuff over and over is quite great. But it’s wonderful to feel it really coming together and I think that now there’s an overall structure the first draft won’t take too long to finish. How many drafts it’ll need after that is, of course, an entirely different thing 🙂

I also made a bit more progress on the violin piece. It’s still not quite right – taking a lot of tweaking of details and I’ve had to thin out some parts a bit – but progress is progress.

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