Thinking about sewing

… and not getting very much done. I have some red viscose jersey lined up and I’ve decided to make (yet) another Lou Box Top from it, but I’m faffing about because I’m wondering whether I should do the straight hem version – but then would I need to add length to the front? and can I be bothered? And did I even trace off that pattern piece because I remember thinking it might look a bit wrong on me although now I’m more open to giving it a go. Probably I should just iron and cut out another curved hem one. Or possibly just get out the pattern pieces and see if I traced off the straight hem. Clearly I need to just Get On.

I’ve discovered that I don’t like cutting out very much. Probably because I don’t have a table that’s really large enough and our floors are all bumpy and peculiar, so it’s hard to get the fabric to lie properly and it hurts the knees. But I do need to get back into it. Summer is ebbing away and I haven’t yet completed the Sorbetto FBA project – just one more to go, I think, and then I’m on to the Alma, which has sleeves and therefore is more suitable for Autumn.

It’s a bit weird to be thinking about making clothes for cooler weather. Because all my learning has been done in the summer, 90% of the patterns I’ve been cooing over aren’t suitable for an autumnal chill in the air. Short skirts I can (and will) wear with stockings or leggings, but sleeveless tops are a new thing for me and I’m not sure they’ll carry over very well unless I get hold of some easily washable covering layers. Plus it’s not helping that clearly America is still well and truly in the throes of summer so pattern companies are still bringing out hot-weather designs, it seems, and not so much that’s cosy so I’m perusing the archives of some of the blogs I’m following to find inspiration.

But I’ve been thinking about the clothes I want to be making for winter and thinking about fibres and shapes and getting very confused – almost to the point of thinking I might need to redo Wardrobe Architect just for winter! Part of the problem, I think, is that my winter wardrobe has for a long time now essentially been the same as my summer wardrobe, with the addition of a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts, a jumper or two, overcoats and lots of woolly scarves, hats and gloves. So the idea of having an actual winter wardrobe is a bit weird for me.

Because I usually layer, but only have one easily-layerable jumper, it feels quite restrictive. I keep thinking “ooh, shallow V-neck, so I can’t wear a cowl-neck top with that, or a scoop neck – really only crewneck will work”, except perhaps I need to rethink this as an opportunity to try some different layering options. More like: “if I make a long-sleeved cowl neck top, what could I layer over that to keep cosy?”. The answer in most cases, I suspect is “cardigans” or “hoodies”, so these are something I need to consider.

I’m determined to make a foray or two into trousers over the next few months too, and I’m thinking the Hudson Pants might be a good place to start – make ’em casual for studying at home while I’m learning the basics, then later in a woven for out and about.

Another Nita Wrap Skirt is being planned too – I’m thinking maxi-length, probably with the modesty panel for extra warmth, in a dark grey wool or wool blend, with a contrasty lining (teal viscose?)

I’d like to try my hand at a coat, but I’m thinking that might be a bit too ambitious and maybe I’d be better off keeping to simple things – sleeved tops, cardigans, skirts (maybe a corduroy Delphine?)

Sewing plans: Autumn/Winter 2016


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