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Adams, C.S.
'Erik Satie and golden section analysis'.
Music and Letters. 1996, Vol. 77 no. 2: pp. 242-252
  • Comes to the conclusion that golden section proportions do exist in Satie's music, and appears to have done a fair bit of work into this, but offers no real explanation or theory as to how Satie picked up on this idea. A large part of the article is a discussion of the difficulties faced by musicologists who attempt proportional analysis, which is interesting, but not really all that relevant in the context. Interesting comments on the lack of evidence in Satie's notebooks pointing towards his use of G.S. proportions.
Adams, C.S.
'Satie's Nocturnes seen through his sketchbooks'.
Journal of Musicology. 1995, Vol. 13 no. 4: pp. 454-475
Bernard, Jonathan W.
'Minimalist Aesthetic in the Plastic Arts and in Music, The'
Perspectives of New Music. 1993, Vol. 31 no. 1: pp. 86-132
  • Looks at the relationship between the (American) minimalist composers and their visually artistic siblings
Bradshaw, Susan
'Arvo Paart'
Contact. 1983, Vol. 26: pp. 25-28
  • Article on the music of Arvo Pärt, Estonian minimalist, sometimes called a 'maximalist'.
Bryars, Gavin
'Vexations and its performers'
Contact. 1982, Vol. 26 (Autumn): pp. 4-14
  • Invaluable for anyone passionately interested in Vexations. Very interesting for anyone who is less so. That's all there is to say!
Bryars, Gavin
'Berners, Rousseau, Satie'
Studio International. 1976, Issue 192 / 984 (November / December): pp. 308-318
  • Interesting article on 3 composers who were also writers and artists; or 3 writers, who were also artists and composers; or 3 artists, who were also composers and writers - whichever you prefer.
Bye, A. & M. Young
'Different Trains of thought'
The Strad. 1991, Vol. 102 (November): pp. 998-999
  • Re: Steve Reich's Different Trains
Caby, Robert
'Erik Satie a sa vraie place'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 27-32
Cox, J.
'Le theatre forain: Historical and stylistic connections between Parade and Histoire du soldat.
Music and Letters. 1995, Vol. 76 no. 4: pp. 572-592
new Davis, M.E.
'Modernity a la mode: Popular culture and avant-gardism in Erik Satie's Sports et divertissements (introduction of commonplace materials into music parallels development of graphic arts)'
Musical Quarterly. 1999, Vol. 83 (Fall): pp. 430-73
new Dawson, C.
'Erik Satie's Vexations - an exercise in immobility'
Canadian University Music Review (Revue de Musique des Universites Canadiennes). 2001, Vol. 21 no. 2: pp. 29-40
**Delio, T.
'Time transfigured: Erik Satie's Parade'.
Contemporary Music Review. 1993, Vol. 7 no. 2: pp. 141-162
Dickinson, Peter
'Stein Satie Cummings Berners Cage: Toward a context for the music of Virgil Thomson'
Musical Quarterly. 1986, Vol. 72 no. 3: pp. 394-409
  • Almost entirely about Stein and Thomson with the other three artists barely getting a look in, but interesting for placing Satie in the context of this circle of primarily American artists.
new Drew, D.
'The savage parade - from Satie, Cocteau and Picasso to the Britten of Les Illuminations and beyond'
Tempo. 2001, no. 217 (July): pp. 7-21
Ehle, Robert C.
'Music and change: The music of the new millennium'
Music Review. 1984, Vol. 45 no. 3-4: pp. 287-292
new Fulcher, J.F.
'The composer as intellectual: Ideological inscriptions in French interwar neoclassicism'
Journal of Musicology. 1999, Vol. 17 (Spring): pp. 197-230
Gann, Kyle
'A forest from the seeds of minimalism: An essay on postminimal and totalist music'
Online: <>. 1998.
Gann, Kyle
'La Monte Young's The Well-Tuned Piano'
Perspectives of New Music. 1993, Vol. 31 no. 1: pp. 134-162
Gann, Kyle
'Minimal music, maximal impact'
Online: <>. 2001.
  • Interesting study of postminimal development, including an extensive list of recommended recordings by postminimal & 'totalist' composers. The focus (as befits an article published in the American Music Centre's web magazine) is entirely American, and will no doubt offer up some new names for exploration by non-Americans
Gillmor, Alan M.
'Erik Satie and the concept of the avant-garde'
Musical Quarterly. 1983, Vol. 69 no. 1: pp. 104-119
Gillmor, Alan M.
'Musico-poetic form in Satie's 'humoristic' piano suites'
Canadian University Music Review (Revue de Musique des Universites Canadiennes). 1987, Vol. 8: pp. 1-44
Gowers, Patrick
'Satie's Rose-Croix music (1891-1895)'
Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association. 1965-66, Vol. 92: pp. 1-25
  • Detailed investigation of the music from this period in Satie's life. Includes the concept of 'punctuation form'.
new Greenbaum, S.
'Abstracts - Arvo Pärt's Te Deum: A compositional watershed'
Context. 2000, Vol. 18 (Autumn): pp. 98-9
new Harris, R.
'Minimalism: More than the bare minimum (most accessible strand of contemporary art music)'
Music Teacher. 1999, Vol. 78 (Aug.): pp. 18-19
Heisinger, Brent
'American minimalism in the 1980s'
American Music. 1989, Vol. 7 no. 4: pp. 430-447
Hillier, Paul
'Letters to the editor: Man and minimalism'
Musical Times. 1984, Vol. 125 (August): p. 428
Koopmans, Rudy
'On music and politics: Activism of five Dutch composers: Louis Andriessen, Reinbert de Leeuw, Misha Mengelberg, Peter Schat, Jan Van Vlijmen'
Key Notes. 1976, Vol. 4 no. 2: pp. 19-36
  • Andriessen's brand of minimalism.
Kupkovic, Ladislav
'Role of tonality in contemporary and 'up-to-date' composition, The'
Tempo. 1980, Vol. 135 (December): pp. 16-19.
Mann, Michael
'Reaction and continuity in musical composition'
Music Review. 1954, Vol. 15: pp. 39-46
  • Doesn't mention Satie specifically, but discusses the precedent for simpler musical styles overtaking overblown complex ones, which is precisely what E.S. was involved in doing.
Marks, Martin
'Well-furnished film, The: Satie's score for Entr'acte'
Canadian University Music Review (Revue de Musique des Universites Canadiennes). 1983, Vol. 4: pp. 245-277
  • Detailed analytical article on Satie's only film score. Worth reading.
new Marks, M.M.
'Music and the silent film: Contexts and case studies, 1895-1924'
Journal of Musicological Research. 2000, Vol. 19 no. 2: pp. 182-90
  • Section on Entr'acte.
Mellers, Wilfrid
'Erik Satie and the 'problem' of contemporary music'
Music and Letters. 1942, Vol. 23 no. 3 (July): pp. 210-227
Mellers, Wilfrid
'Minimalist definition, A'
Musical Times. 1982, Vol. 125 (June): p. 328
Morris, Patrick
'Steve Reich and Debussy: Some connexions'
Tempo. 1987, Vol. 160 (March): pp. 8-14
  • I personally could not see the point of this article, but you may feel differently.
Myers, Rollo (French trans. Marcelle Jossua)
'Importance de Satie dans la musique contemporaine'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 77-81
Myers, Rollo (French trans. Marcelle Jossua)
'Note sur Socrate'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 81-84
Nuorvala, Juhani (trans. Susan Sinisalo)
'Minimalism in Finland'
Finnish Music Quarterly. 1987, Vol. 3-4: pp. 32-37
  • Like it says, minimalism in Finland. I don't know how accurate/relevant it is because I've never heard anything by any of the composers mentioned, and nothing about Satie, but ...
Nyman, Michael
'As the Titanic went down'
Music and Musicians. 1972, Vol. 21 no. 4 (December): pp. 10-14
  • Discussion of Gavin Bryars' super-minimalist piece (and super minimalist piece) The Sinking of the Titanic. Good stuff.
Nyman, Michael
'Believe it or not melody rides again'
Music and Musicians. 1971, Vol. 20 no. 2 (October): pp. 26-28
  • Article on the re-emergence of beauty in British music: Bryars, Skempton, et al.
Nyman, Michael
'Hearing / Seeing'
Studio International. 1976, Issue 192 (November / December): pp. 233-243
Nyman, Michael
'Steve Reich: An interview with Michael Nyman'
Musical Times. 1971, Vol. 112: pp. 229-231
Nyman, Michael
'Steve Reich: Interview by Michael Nyman'
Studio International. 1976, Issue 192 (November / December): pp. 300-307
new Orledge, Robert
'Satie and America'
American Musicology. Vol. 18: pp. 78-102
Orledge, Robert
'Satie's approach to composition in his later years (1913-24)'
Journal of the Royal Musical Association. 1984-85, Vol. 111: pp. 155-179
Parsons, Michael
'Echo piece at Muddsjarvi'
Contact. 1977, Vol. 16 (Spring): pp. 8-10
Parsons, Michael
'Howard Skempton: Chorales, Landscapes and Melodies'
Contact. 1987, Vol. 30 (Spring): pp. 16-29
  • Includes list of selected works by Skempton as well as several short pieces for piano, and one for flute.
Parsons, Michael
'Music of Howard Skempton, The'
Contact. 1980, Vol. 21 (Spring): pp. 12-16
Phillips, Peter
'Note on Tavener's recent works, A'
Musical Times. 1984, Vol. 125 (July): pp. 384-85
Phillips, Peter
'Ritual music of John Tavener, The'
Contact. 1983, Vol. 26: pp. 29-30
Potter, Keith & Dave Smith
'Interview with Philip Glass'
Contact. 1976, Vol. 13: pp. 25-30
Potter, Keith
'Just the tip of the iceberg: Some aspects of Gavin Bryars' music'
Contact. 1981, Vol. 22: pp. 4-15
Potter, Keith
'Music of Louis Andriessen, The: Dialectical double Dutch?'
Contact. 1981, Vol. 23: pp. 16-22
Poulenc, Francis
'Musique de piano d'Erik Satie, La'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 23-26
Prunières, Dr Henry
'SATIE, Eric (Erik) Leslie'.
A Dictionary of Modern Music & Musicians. 1924, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London & Toronto: p. 437
  • A potted contemporary view of Satie's work - particularly interesting (considering the date of publication) is the acknowledgement of Satie's connection with musical impressionism and Debussy
  • Read article
Sasser, William G.
'Developpement du style d'Erik Satie, Le'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 111-117
Schonberger, Elmer
'Louis Andriessen: On the conceiving of Time'
Key Notes. 1981, Vol. 13 no. 1: pp. 5-11
  • About the composition of Andriessen's de Tijd ("Time").
new Schwandt, E.
'A new Gloria for Satie's Messe des pauvres'
Canadian University Music Review (Revue de Musique des Universites Canadiennes). 1998, Vol 18 no. 2: pp. 38-47
Schwarz, K. Robert
'Steve Reich: Music as a gradual process'
Perspectives of New Music. 1981, Spring-Summer: pp. 373-394
Tarasti, Eero
'Minimalisme du point de vue semiotique, Le'
Degrés. 1988, 16/53 (Spring): pp. (i)1-22
Thomas, Adrian
'Pole apart, A: The music of Gorecki since 1965'
Contact. 1984, Vol. 28: pp. 20-31
Thomson, Virgil (French trans. Marcelle Jossua)
'Place de Satie dans la musique du XXe siecle, La'
La Revue Musicale. 1952, Vol. 214 (June - special Satie issue): pp. 13-15
new Weiser, D.E.
'The visual stimulus: The influence of the visual arts on the musical compositions of Emmanuel Chabrier, Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc'
CDMA, Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University, 1998. Abstract available in:
Dissertation Abstracts. 1998, Vol. 59 (Nov): 1396A
Whiting, Steven
'Erik Satie and Vincent Hyspa: notes on a collaboration'
Music and Letters. 1996, Vol. 77 issue 1: pp. 64-91
Available online at Niclas Fogwall's Satie site:
Wilheim, Andras
'Erik Satie's Gregorian paraphrases'
Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. 1983, Vol. 25: pp. 229-237
Wilson, Peter Niklas
'Idee der Reduktion, Die: Notizen zur Geschichte musikalischer Einfachheit'
Musica. 1988, Vol. 42 (April): pp. 356-360


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