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Bailey, Derek
Improvisation: its nature and practice in music.
1980, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Moorland Publishing Co Ltd
Busoni, Ferruccio
Essence of music and other papers, The.
1987, New York, Dover Publications, Inc.
Cage, John
1968, London, Calder & Boyars
Cardew, Cornelius
Stockhausen serves imperialism.
1974, Tiptree, Essex, The Anchor Press, Ltd
  • Not a Satie book, this one, but of great interest for anyone who is really getting into the whole Bristish experimental scene. Cardew was the main driving force behind the (in)famous Scratch Orchestra. He is the Cornelius referred to in the title of Howard Skempton's delicious piano piece, Well, well, Cornelius.
Clair, Réné (trans. Stanley Appelbaum)
Cinema yesterday and today.
1972, New York, Dover Publications, Inc.
Cocteau, Jean (trans. Rollo H. Myers)
Cock and harlequin.
1921, London, The Egoist Press
Collaer, Paul (trans. Jane Hohfeld Galante)
Darius Milhaud.
1988, San Francisco, San Francisco Press, Inc.
Cope, David H.
New directions in music.
1984, Dubuque, Iowa, Wm C. Brown Company Publishers
new Faure, M.
Du néoclassicisme musical dans la France du premier XXe siècle
1997, Paris, Klincksieck
Ford, Andrew
Composer to composer.
1993, St Leonards, N.S.W., Australia, Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd
Gillmor, Alan M.
Erik Satie.
1992, New York, W.W. Norton & Company
  • A truly marvellous book on Satie: blending biography and good, meaty musical analysis for a great all-round read
Goldbeck, Frederick
Twentieth century composers 4: France, Italy and Spain.
1974, London, George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Limited
Griffiths, Paul
Modern music: A concise history from Debussy to Boulez.
1992, London, Thames and Hudson
  • Concise is indeed the word, but some bits on Satie and the musical atmosphere in which he lived. Very good as a general history of 20th century music, but doesn't come quite as up-to-date as one would like, really.
Howat, Roy
Debussy in proportion: A musical analysis.
1983, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about proportional analysis and the music of Debussy
IVAM Centre Julio González (introduction by Juan Manuel Bonet, Director of IVAM; article by Ornella Volta)
Erik Satie: Del Chat Noir a Dadá.
2 volumes. 1996, [Valencia?], Spain, IVAM Centre Julio González.
In Spanish, with English translation as appendix.
  • Magnificent two-volume catalogue of an exhibition devoted to Satie. Run by a visual arts centre in Spain, the items included in the catalogue deal mainly with the visual aspect of Satie's art (e.g. colour reproductions of the original score and drawings for Spots et divertissements) and with his collaborations and friendships with artists such as Picasso. The second volume is a hard-cover 'envelope' containing reproductions of one of Satie's notebooks, a letter to his brother (reproduced complete with envelope), drawings, postcards and tickets. Not for the casual Satie-lover, but for the obsessives (such as me!). A spectacular publication.
Lambert, Constant
Music ho! A study of music in decline.
1948, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, Penguin Books Ltd.
  • A lovely book, with some very apt comments on Satie's art. Despite some amusement in worthy circles (largely because of the book's age), this is definitely worth a read.
Machlis, Joseph
Introduction to contemporary music.
1963, London, J.M. Dent & Son Ltd
Mertens, Wim (trans. J. Hautekiet)
American minimal music: La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass.
1983, London, Kahn & Averill
Messing, Scott
Neoclassicism in music: From the genesis of the concept through the Schoenberg/Stravinsky polemic.
1988, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.M.I. Research Press
Monro, D.B.
Modes of ancient Greek music, The.
1894, Oxford, The Clarendon Press
National Gallery of Australia
From Russia with Love: Costumes for the Ballets Russes 1909-1933.
1999, Canberra, National Gallery of Australia
  • Catalogue for the NGA's exhibition of Ballets Russes costumes, designs (sets and costumes) and other memorabilia of the Ballets Russes, including photographs and programmes. Most of the costumes are from the NGA's own collection, with contributions from museums and archives from around the world. No Parade-specific material, although it is mentioned in the articles a couple of times, but a useful record of other productions by the Ballets Russes - useful to place Parade in context.
Nyman, Michael
Experimental music.
1981, New York, Schirmer Books
  • Fascinating book, dealing with what was 'experimental' music at the time it was written. Plenty on the British and American minimalists, John Cage, and a bit on Satie, too. 2nd edition now available.
Orenstein, Arbie
Ravel: Man and Musician.
1975, New York, Columbia University Press
Orledge, Robert
Satie the composer.
1990, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press
  • Indispensible. This book may not be for everyone, but the depth of musical analysis (no straight biography here - everything is in relation to the music) makes this worth going to great trouble to read it. Well-written too. Unfortunately now out-of-print, so check out your local uni library now!
Orledge, Robert
Satie remembered.
1995, London, Faber and Faber Limited
Perloff, Nancy
Art and the everyday: Popular entertainment and the circle of Erik Satie.
1991, Oxford, Clarendon Press
  • Marvellously useful section on Parade.
Poulenc, Francis
Entretiens avec Claude Rostand.
1954, Paris, René Julliard
  • Interviews with Poulenc, some sections of which discuss the place of Satie in Poulenc's musical development. In French, no translation known of.
Reich, Steve
Writings about music.
1974, Halifax, Canada, The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
  • Deals only with Reich's musical philosophies. Nothing on Satie.
Rey, Anne
1974 & 1995, np, Seuil
In French
Robertson, Alec (Ed.)
Pelican history of music, The Vol. 1.
1982, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, Penguin Books Ltd
Schaefer, John
New sounds.
1990, London, Virgin Books
Shead, Richard
Music in the 1920s.
1976, London, Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd.
Simms, Bryan R.
Music of the twentieth century: Style and structure.
1986, New York, Schirmer Books
  • Rather heavy going. Strictly for those with a fetish for structure. Nothing about Satie.
Smith-Brindle, Reginald
New music, The: The avant-garde since 1945.
1990, Oxford, Oxford University Press
Stravinsky, Igor
Autobiography, An.
1975, London, Calder & Boyars Ltd
Strickland, Edward
American composers: Dialogues on contemporary music.
1991, Bloomington, Indiana, Indiana University Press
  • Fairly lengthy interviews with a number of American composers, including the quartet of American minimalists, talking about the origins of their respective styles.
Templier, Pierre-Daniel (trans. Elena L. French & David S. French)
Erik Satie.
1969 (first published in 1932), Cambridge, Massachusetts, M.I.T. Press
Velter, André (Ed.)
Les Poètes du Chat Noir
1996, np, Gallimard
In French.
  • Includes writings by Satie: Ce que je suis, La journée du musicien, Les raisonnements d'un têtu. Also preface ('Liberté fin de siècle' by André Velter), articles on 'La fondation du Chat Noir' and Rodolphe Salis. Sections on 65 'poets' including Rodolphe Salis, Aristide Bruant, Alphonse Allais, Paul Verlaine, Stéphane Mallarmé, Vincent Hyspa and Willy, as well as Satie.
Volta, Ornella (trans. Simon Pleasance)
Pocket Archives: Erik Satie.
1997, Paris, Éditions Hazan
  • Mostly photographs and drawings of and by Satie, but also includes a good overview of his life and work. Some very interesting reproductions of related posters, score covers and the like. If you're interested in the IVAM Centre's Erik Satie: Del Chat Noir a Dadá but can't get hold of it, this includes a fair amount of the same material, albeit in a pocket-sized form.
Watkins, Glenn
Soundings: Music in the twentieth century.
1988, New York, Schirmer Books
White, Eric Walter
Stravinsky: The composer and his works.
1979, London, Faber and Faber Limited
new Whiting, S.M.
Satie the bohemian: From cabaret to concert hall.
1999, Oxford, Oxford University Press
Whittall, Arnold
Music since the First World War.
1988, London, J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd


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