This page currently comprises only one document: an essay I wrote for my Honours year. Unlike most things written about minimalism, this document concentrates on the European minimalists (Gavin Bryars, Howard Skempton, Michael Nyman, etc.) rather than the American quartet (Young, Riley, Glass, Reich).

PLEASE NOTE: The term 'minimalism', I know, is one much disliked by many composers who are labelled as such. Please note that it is used here purely for convenience's sake. If I ever find a more appropriate term, be assured I will replace all occurrences of the m-word.

Satie and Minimalism: Parallels and Points of Contact

related readings online

See the bibliography for a more in-depth collection of related readings - these are just a selection of online sources.

Kyle Gann, A forest from the seeds of minimalism: An essay on postminimal and totalist music
Kyle Gann, Minimal music, maximal impact on NewMusicBox


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